Secrets to Getting Most Out of HIIT Workouts

The HIIT workouts works and everybody wants to get started with this program but not everyone is in the kind of physical shape that can handle such High intensity, not at first anyway. If you are considering adding this to your current workout schedule and you are not already in great condition the following advice can help you start the program without burning yourself out and becoming discouraged.

Keep it slow. It is okay to start at a pace that is not as frantic as other people are. You can do 10-30 seconds of full on high intensity work alternating it with the same or more rest if you need it. it may take a bit of time to build your self up to the point that you can handle it for longer stretches of time. You could also start out with a full 30-40 seconds of work followed by 60-90 seconds of a less intense type of exercise.

It is all about the amount of “excess post exercise oxygen consumption”, which in weight training circles is simply referred to as EPOC. This is what makes the weight come off so quickly using the HIIT method. The action we are talking about here takes place after you have left the gym and begun to relax. While you are watching television or even while you are napping. The more intense the workout the longer the period of EPOC. The more you put in the more you get out. Go all in.

It is important that there be a marked difference in the speed and intensity of the different intervals. The rest interval will make your body better able to sustain the level of intensity needed to get the great results possible with is form of training. You can slow down to a walk if it will help you get the energy back to get back into a very high intensity interval again.

Intensity is about power not just speed. If you are using a treadmill and the resistance is low it will be easy to make those intervals but add an incline or other form of resistance and you have just upped the weigh loss ante. When you do this for a sustain period of time you will greatly improve the EPOC intervals of even your simple aerobics workout. Check out reviews of awesome hiit workout dvd video downloads.

If you are of the opinion that eating is wrong before you exercise then you don’t know HIIT. Research proves that the level of intensity improves if you eat before your HIIT workout. The fact that you have more fuel to burn could have a lot to do with it. As you have found out the higher the intensity the longer the fat burning will continue after the workout.

These are just a few ideas to help you get the most out of your workouts. Remember easy does it when you first start this program and keep yourself fueled. One last thought is that in addition to fuel you need to also remain well hydrated.